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How big of a home charging system will you need in the future?

1 – we won’t need more than 40A – that’s 40 miles per hour of charge or 320 miles in an overnight charge. Not only will cars not likely get much bigger batteries than this, but how often will you need more than 320 miles with an overnight charge?

2 – household power in many places can’t take much more than that anyway, plus it’s more expensive to install. Why spend extra when considering point 1?

3 – until everyone switches to DCFC home charging, unlikely that most cars will take more than 40A maybe 50A because don’t forget, this means a more expensive car. The onboard charger has to support this as well, which adds expense to the car. As EVs try to compete for the low price market, why add cost to your car when you consider point #1

2 thoughts on “How big of a home charging system will you need in the future?

  • After living with the Bolt for half a year I honestly don’t even want L2 at my home any more. The regular old 12 amp 120V is more than fast enough for my uses. With a long range car like the Bolt I think that could be true for many people as it can handle driving far for a day or two and then recovering it’s full charge the following days. The few times it’d can’t recover fast enough they’d need to DCFC to top up but that would cost far less than installing an L2 charger, or even just wiring a 40A line.


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