Chevy Bolt OBD2 PIDs

Chevy Bolt OBD2 PIDs Project

Are you a gearhead who loves data?  OBD-II PIDs are “on-board diagnostics parameter IDs”, where we can pull very low level data and statistics from the car to create custom dashboards that we can see on our phones/tablets, and log for future reference.  Here is a list of known (and some unknown) valid OBD-II PIDs for the Chevrolet Bolt, useful for creating custom dashboards, preemptive monitoring, monitoring a lot more energy details, logging, and more!

  • Read everything on this page! No, really, READ EVERYTHING.
  • Get an OBD2 adapter and app (see below)
  • Download the CSV containing the PIDs
  • Import into your app.
  • Customize your dashboard and logging as you desire!

Recommended App:  EngineLink

Recommended Adapters:  

Recommended App:  Torque Pro

Recommended Adapters:


  1. Download CSV from link below
  2. Using Astro File Manager (or anything that can show hidden directories)
    1. Go to the downloaded CSV and copy it
    2. Navigate to /internal storage/ (could be /sdcard/ or any number of options)
    3. Navigate to .torque (this is a hidden directory)
    4. Navigate to extendedpids (if this directory doesn’t exist, either create it, or do steps 3,4 and return here)
    5. You should be in /internal storage/.torque/extendedpids/
    6. Paste the CSV file there
  3. Open Torque, main menu, Settings, Manage extra PIDs/Sensors
  4. Upper right menu, add predefined set, and the CSV file should be one of them
  5. Note that you may need to clear set first
  6. Back one menu to Data Logging & Upload
  7. Select what to log
  8. Choose everything with ! and whatever else you’d like
  9. Back up one menu, enable “Log when Torque is started” and “Only when OBD connected”
  10. Your choice, but probably enable “Synchronous logging” and “Rotate logfiles”
  11. Customize your dashboard as you desire 😀
    1. From the realtime information screen, swipe from the right to get to an empty page
    2. If no empty page, go to the top level menu, general preferences, number of dashboard screens, increase
    3. Back on your dashboard screen, sprocket in bottom left, layout settings, toggle edit layout mode
    4. Now every time you touch the screen, adds a new display element.
    5. Select what to add and type!
  1. Read the instructions that came with the adapter! Most require you to pair through the app, and not through iOS bluetooth menu.
  2. Make sure that inside EngineLink you select the correct adapter type. The LELink adapter should choose LELink, Carista should choose Carista, and all others should choose Viecar as the connection type.
  3. Download CSV from link below.
  4. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer
  5. Open iTunes
  6. Click the icon on for your phone/iPad
  7. From the menu on the left, select Apps
  8. Scroll down until you see the Documents area in the lower right.
  9. Click on EngineLink in the list on the left
  10. Drag your csv document onto the Documents area, or click the Add New button at the bottom of the Documents list, then select your csv file
  11. On your phone/iPad, open EngineLink
  12. Scroll over to a blank space on the dashboard, then long press
  13. Choose a display type (e.g. small digital)
  14. Click Edit in the upper right corner
  15. Click Load PIDs in the upper right corner
  16. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and your custom file should be listed at the bottom. Select your new file.
  17. Now, you can select a PID from your new file to add to your dashboard!

Please ensure that you have read all directions and installed all necessary apps before downloading the CSV.

Also, please consider uploading your data to me to collect! See below for this.

Download CSV of PIDs

How You Can Help

We are still trying to determine as much as possible about the PIDs of the Bolt!

If you are on Android with Torque, please consider uploading your data to our site. The volume is very low (5-10MB/hour) and I will be building out the ability to view logs on my site as well as live data.

In Torque, from the main screen:

  • Bottom left sprocket icon
  • Settings
  • Data Logging & Upload
  • Scroll down to Realtime web upload
  • Enable Upload to webserver
  • Web Logging Interval: set to every 5 seconds
  • Enable Only when OBD connected
  • Webserver URL:

Thank you in advance!

The !?*+ prefixes are so that they are distinguished from the scanner-built-in codes, and to affect sort order, so that things are grouped together usefully.

! are the most imporant PIDs, easiest to add and log this way

* are the remaining set

? are the unknowns

+ are the Battery Cell voltages

The list is very much a work-in-progress, and is a collaborative effort among BoltEV owners.  To contribute to this community effort, visit the shared Google Sheet.  Please feel free to comment with your changes and credit will be given.  Primarily maintained by Sean Graham (