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We Got Hacked

Whelp, we got hacked! Apologies everyone – despite having WordPress updated, we appear to have been bot-hacked recently. We do

Rusted 2017 Brake Rotors

These are my 4 rotors on my 2017 Chevy Bolt driven in Toronto. 64kkm on the odometer (40k miles).

Chevy Bolt Battery Calibration Data

Maximum charging limits for the Chevrolet Bolt EV newer batteries.

GM Chevy Bolt EV Fire Recall – N212343880

GM this morning has announced another recall for the 2017-2019 Bolt EV due to the battery fires. While it’s great

GM’s Final Software Update for The Chevy Bolt – What does it do?

The new software is supposed to monitor the cells for voltage variations much more closely to prevent a Bolt Fire.

Chevy Bolts Sometimes Can’t Detect Obvious Battery Problems

Although the Bolt sometimes will notice if there’s a defective cell in the battery, often it cannot. We have heard

US EV Subsidies – a reflection

As the administration is trying to figure out how to keep the subsidies going, especially with strong opposition, let’s reflect

Chevy Bolts with Korean Made Batteries Catch Fire Much More Than Gas Cars

Early Chevy Bolts appear to be five times as likely to catch fire when parked as an equally aged gas vehicle.

Why do EVs have a single speed transmission?

Dive in to see why electric vehicles only have single speed transmissions, and why multi speed transmissions are generally not used.